Stand out from the crowd and reduce costs

Collect Pet Payments and profile reviews!

Get noticed with Pet Payments

Collect profile reviews

To show your experience to all potential buyers on Pets4Homes

Reduce advertising costs

Get Boosts for each Pet Payment and cut your advertising costs

Instant payouts

Payments reach your account within minutes

Get commitment

With an optional non-refundable deposit from your buyers

Give extra perks to your buyers

Your buyers get extra protections and perks when they make a Pet Payment

It's free for breeders

Only your buyers need to pay a small fee to get their protections and perks

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How do Pet Payments work?

What do your buyers get with Pet Payments?

Payment protection

They get a full refund if they do not receive their pet

Health guarantee

Protection against congenital illness within the first 6 months

Extra trusted breeders

ID verified breeders only so they can feel extra safe in their choice

Exclusive access to Zigzag, #1 puppy training app

They get an extra 7 days free to prepare for their pup's arrival

Frequently asked questions

Does it cost me to receive Pet Payments?

No, but we do charge buyers a percentage fee (up to 7.5%) on top of the price of their pet which covers the buyer against critical illness and any fraud. It also gets them access to Zigzag for puppies. 

How do I get started with Pet Payments?

You can invite someone to reserve one of your pets with Pet Payments at any time. Before the reservation goes through, you will need to verify your ID and bank details so we can be certain we are sending your money to you. 

You can pre-verify your ID now by clicking this link and earn yourself a free Boost!

Which pets are Pet Payments available for?

We accept Pet Payments on dogs and cats for sale.

How can I get my buyers to use Pet Payments?

Buyers will usually pay via your preferred method. If you want them to make a Pet Payment, direct them to the ‘Request to purchase’ button on your advert or in the chat between you and the buyer (only visible to the buyer).

How does a buyer leave me a review?

They will be asked to leave you a review by email after they have confirmed the collection of their pet. 

Where can I learn more?

You can learn everything you want to know about our Pet Payments service in our Pet Payments portal.

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