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Pet Health Guarantee

6 months protection against critical illness

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Get a full refund if you don't receive your chosen pet

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Pet perks

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How to use Pet Payments

  • 1

    Find your dream dog or cat on Pets4Homes

  • 2

    Press the 'Ask to reserve' button on the advert or in chat

  • 3

    The ID verified breeder accepts the request

  • 4

    Pay the full amount for the pet up front plus a Guarantee fee

    And get your Pet Perks plus protection against fraud and critical illnesses

  • 5

    Any deposit goes to the seller, we secure the rest until collection

  • 6

    Confirm collection in chat to release the final payment

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    Enjoy your life together with your new pet!

Pawesome perks with every Pet Payment

For puppy parents:

Exclusive access to Zigzag to help you prepare for your pup's arrival

Get an extra 7 days of this:

We are there for you when you need it

Elizabeth's story
Elizabeth thought she had found the perfect puppy, a beautiful golden retriever. She went to visit, the breeder said yes to rehoming the puppy, and so she did what anyone would do, she paid for her pup. Only for the breeder to turn around and sell Elizabeth’s puppy to someone else! Thankfully Elizabeth paid via Pet Payments so Pets4Homes gave her a full refund so she could find another pup when she was ready.
James’ story
He found a wonderful bishon friese pup. But just as soon as James brought him home the worst happened - sickness, diarrhoea and weakness. The vet confirmed as much, it was parvo virus and the poor pup sadly passed away the following day. James did the right thing and contacted the seller but the seller refused to give a refund! However, James used Pet Payments so he was covered under the Pets4Homes Guarantee and we provided him a full refund, which he put towards vet bills. And it meant that we had the paper trail we needed to take action against the seller.
Alan's story
The Pet Payments system is reliable and effective for both the vendor and the per purchaser. This was demonstrated most effectively by an earlier failed arrangement, where the owner just couldn't part with her doggy and cancelled the sale. We got everything back immediately. Most happily, yesterday's closing out, on collection of our lovely Pomsky went well, with the escrow funds clearing to the vendor extremely quickly, once we had confirmed collection of the dog. Thank you.

Frequently asked questions

What exact protections are included in the when using Pet Payments?

1. Protection against critical health problems

We strive for every pet rehomed on Pets4Homes to be in the best health possible. But sometimes the worst does happen. If your new pet gets critically ill within 6 months as a consequence of how it was bred and raised, we will provide a full refund so you can focus on caring for your pet. This also covers instances where a pre-existing condition is discovered that the seller was either aware of, or should have been aware of, and is clearly affecting the pet’s quality of life.
Please read our terms and conditions carefully for full details. 

2. Protection for your payment

If you pay for your pet and then never receive your pet, for example, if the seller backs out or they turn out to be a scammer, you will receive a full refund of your payment. Ensuring you and your money are kept safe.

3. Pet perks

We work with partners to provide you with some helpful pet perks to get you started with your new family member.

Please read the full terms and conditions of the Pets4Homes Guarantee to understand when you are and are not covered.

How much does it cost to use Pet Payments

We will charge a percentage fee (up to 7.5%) on top of the price of the pet which covers you against critical illness and any fraud.

There is a minimum fee charge of £10. 

Do I need to view the pet before paying?

No, but we always recommend you view a puppy or kitten at least once before collection whether you use Pet Payments or not. That way you can be sure the pet is a good fit for you and that it is being raised with good welfare and with its mum. 

Where is my money held? Is it safe?

Yes! While we transfer any deposit directly to the seller, we hold the non-deposit portion of the payment in a protected, “safe-guarded” bank account with our partner Stripe. The only time it is moved is when you confirm collection and we make the transfer to the seller.

Where can I learn more?

You can learn everything you want to know about our payments service in our Pet Payments portal.

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